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Based in Brooklyn, goTenna is the first and only company to enable anyone to use their phones to communicate at long-range even if there’s no cell, internet or satellite service.

The idea was sparked in late 2012, when Hurricane Sandy took down one-third of cell towers and power stations in a 10-state area. Daniela and J Perdomo decided to create resilient, scalable, and affordable bottom-up connectivity independent of top-down centralized infrastructure. goTenna was officially incorporated in early 2013, after completing the first working prototypes.

goTenna creates distributed comm­un­i­ca­tion networks that increase scale, resiliency, and access.

Communications is the keystone of all fundamental facilities and systems, but today’s infrastructure must evolve in order to meet 21st century needs. At goTenna, we are working on advancing universal access to connectivity by decentralizing it.

goTenna builds next-generation wireless architectures to power bottom-up communications networks that get stronger as they grow. We focus on low-power, low-cost, modular mobile ad-hoc networking protocols and devices that are easy-to-use and developer-friendly. Our parallel networks are designed to both enable completely off-grid communication and augment traditional systems by extending the practical edge of connectivity.

In late 2015, goTenna launched its award-winning, flagship device that quickly became synonymous with next-generation off-grid communications. In late 2016, the company created the first 100% off-grid, mobile, long-range consumer-ready mesh network with goTenna Mesh, a smaller, internationally-available device that allows users to automatically and privately relay messages through other devices to extend range of connectivity. In early 2017, the company announced its a suite of professional products anchored by goTenna Pro, intended for public safety, defense, industrial, and enterprise organizations.

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